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Book One: AROON

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Amidst the lush beauty of Tipperary, a darkness runs through Duncullen Estate.

Young heir Richard Lynche is suffocating. Between his father’s disgust and mother’s plunge into drug-induced lethargy, his only solace are the arms of the new maid, Eveleen. Yet, mounting pressures give rise to chillingly ominous visions. Richard must destroy his parents’ chokehold and create a life with Eveleen whilst maintaining his sanity. He will eradicate the torture. Whatever it takes.

Aroon is a cauldron of old-fashioned Irish stew. Spiced heavily with Downton Abbey, sprinkled with Shakespeare’s Hamlet and a dash of The Godfather’s Michael Corleone, it explores the underbelly of life during the Protestant Ascendancy.

What People Are Saying About AROON:

“It’s a great, great book…has an ‘Outlander-esque’ feel, but better.”

“..a carefully-woven tapestry that is rich, developed, and multi-layered. From chapter one, the author alternately lifts and tears at the reader’s heart.”

“Great read! Loved the way the author develops the characters. You don’t want to leave them when finished, sequel please!”


Semi-Finalist of the 2018 Kindle Book Awards for Literary Fiction

Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Award Winner

PNWA Literary Contest Finalist

Pushcart Prize Nominee

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“Some things are worth dying for.”

It is 1766. Nan Scully is surrounded by obscene poverty, worsened by the landowners’ heartless eviction of family after family. Realizing secret agrarian rebels are taking a stand, Nan is hell-bent on doing her bit. Little does she know her greatest enemy is her father, Sir Richard Lynche.

When Alistair Moore, local priest and boyhood friend of Sir Richard, speaks out against the gentry’s oppression, he becomes their prime target in the battle to crush the rebels. Yet, his own demons might do him in first. Unbeknownst to either, Nan and Alistair’s fates become entwined on a treacherous road leading directly to the gallows.

HARPS UPON THE WILLOWS is based on actual incidents that rocked 18th century Tipperary.

What People Are Saying About HARPS UPON THE WILLOWS:

“The characters were very real, the plot was fast moving, compelling, surprising, and based on actual historical fact. Great read.”

“Though Harps Upon the Willows is set in 1766 Ireland, it’s also a timely reflection of what is happening in our world today.”

“I enjoyed every word and had a hard time putting it down. This is a sequel worth reading! I would give it more than 5 stars if it were possible!”


WINNER of the 2018 Kindle Book Awards for Literary Fiction!

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